Chairman’s message

Robotics is a broad multidisciplinary field where new ideas meet and confront each other and where new questions are asked, which open the door to completely new trends and development opportunities. Due to today’s exceptional technological possibilities and advances in artificial intelligence, robotics is taking enormous steps forward. ICAR is one of the most established robotics conferences in the world. Its beginnings date back to 1983 and it had a significant impact on the development of robotics. ICAR has positioned itself on the edge between the seen and the unseen, between the known and the unknown. With original contributions, new ideas and views, ICAR pushes the boundaries of robotics and sets new research areas in robotics science and technology. In 2021, ICAR is being organized in different conditions than usual, that is, under the influence of a global pandemic. We originally wanted to organize a live conference. The situation towards the end of October, however, suddenly deteriorated that it became impossible. Too bad because December is an extremely pleasant month in Ljubljana, so we hoped that the conference participants would enjoy the kindness of this city.
Jadran Lenarčič and Paolo Fiorini (2021)

A piece of ICAR history

»The late Professor Hanafusa and Professor Umetani (both in Japan) were not fully happy with the Robotic Conferences existing in the early 1980s because each conference dealt only with industrial applications. Both professors realized the significance of industrial applications, but their vision foreseen a much wider and research oriented future of robotics, looking for advances in robotics. They organized, therefore, the first ICAR in Tokyo in early summer of 1983. The success of the first ICAR motivated them to organize the second ICAR two years later in Tokyo again, and assumed that it will generate sufficient enthusiasm to be continued biyearly on a “free lance” base, since it was not planned that ICAR should be “owned” by any country or society.«Toni Bejczy (2011)

ICAR Conference Proceedings
published in IEEE Xplore

2019 – 19th ICAR, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2017 – 18th ICAR, Hong Kong, China
2015 – 17th ICAR, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 – 16th ICAR, Montevideo, Uruguay
2011 – 15th ICAR, Tallinn, Estonia
2009 – 14th ICAR, Munich, Germany
2005 – 12th ICAR, Seattle, WA, USA
1997 – 8th ICAR, Monterey, CA, USA
1993 – 6th ICAR, Tokyo, Japan
1991 – 5th ICAR, Pisa, Italy


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